Energy Management Systems

What is an Energy Management System (EnMS)?

Energy Management Systems (EnMS) are designed to provide a greater understanding of your company’s energy use, areas of energy wastage and continually monitor and improve your energy management processes. A standard EnMS consists of an integrated computer system designed for the automated control and monitoring of significant energy consumption through metering and sub metering of electricity, gas and water meters as well as building systems such as heating, air conditioning and lighting installations.

How Can EnMS Impact on My Business?

The implementation of an Energy Management System provides the opportunity to improve the financial health of your business. By understanding the way in which energy is used within your business, it is possible to identify opportunities to provide savings - for example, it is claimed that the majority of energy used in commercial property is directly influenced by the control of the people working within them. This may take many forms; from simple policy change, to the implementation of more efficient technologies. Furthermore, an energy management system provides the opportunity to utilise historic energy data to forecast budgets, avoid unexpected costs and predict future usage as your business grows and changes.

How Can The Data Be Used?

  • Identify and manage the risks surrounding your current and future energy supplies.
  • Determine an energy baseline of your organisation, and benchmark against similar sites.
  • Provide data to establish, implement and maintain energy policies, objectives and targets.
  • Reduce carbon emissions and improve the organisations green credentials - thereby delivering on promises made in Corporate Social Responsibility documents.
  • Meet government reduction targets and comply with energy and environmental legislation, such as the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and ISO50001.