Despite green energy terms being subject to regular amendments by suppliers, we can obtain cost neutral supplies (compared to brown alternatives), which can be particularly attractive to companies looking to raise there corporate social responsibility profile.

With increasing volatility in the energy markets, finding the right procurement solution for your business needs can be a headache.

Offering a comprehensive and independent service, Green Energy Consulting will work in partnership with you to ensure that our solution fits around your business.

We believe in the importance of working in partnership with our clients to achieve their specific requirements and are proud of our very high level of customer retention.

We aim to ensure consistency, not only of Account Manager, but also of support, in order to facilitate the establishment of solid relationships. More than half of our Account Managers have been part of the team for over five years and we have several Account Manager/Client relationships, which span close to a decade.

By identifying affordable and practical green solutions our clients can benefit from:

  • Reduction in Energy Expenditure
  • Access to Bespoke Services
  • Continued Management Support
  • A Boosted Reputation
  • Enhanced Green Credentials
  • Build Relationships with Customers who have Shared Values
  • Increased Social, Environmental & Ethical Responsibility