Read Your Business Non Half Hourly Electricity Bill

NHH (Non Half-Hourly) Electricity Bill Explained

  • Billing address the address where your bills are sent to
  • Supply Address the actual site address that the electricity has been supplied to
  • Your Site Reference/invoice number the reference number for the site and the invoice number
  • Invoice period from dates of which the supply period runs to and from
  • Available Capacity the supply capacity for the site, this is agreed with the Distribution company
  • Tax point date the date the invoice was created
  • Meter Number(s) this is the meter serial number that appears on front of your meter
  • Previous/This refers to the previous and current meter read, respectively
  • Advance the total units before the constant
  • Constant this details what the 'multiplier' is on the meter. For example, if it is 10 the units are multiplied by 10
  • Units the total units after the constant
  • Rate the rate at which the units are charged, pence per kWh
  • Monthly/Quarterly Charge a fixed charge passed through and determined by the distribution network operator - covers their maintenance and administration costs of supplying the site. May also include commission.
  • VAT @ 17.5% - VAT charged on the Net total
  • MPAN Supply Number Meter Point Administration Number. This number uniquely identifies a meter point and allows suppliers to know what type of metering is installed at site.
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