Sustainability Management

Join the growing number of businesses that are taking control of their energy usage with a FREE Smart Meter. Through the latest billing technology, Smart Meters make it easy for you to monitor the electricity you are using and when, helping you to highlight ways t o save energy and reduce your costs. An average business can expect to reduce it s consumption by 12.3%.

With over 50 years of professional experience to call upon, across a range of disciplines, we offer quality, unbiased solutions that can support your business and improve the environment. We will show you that these schemes are not just good citizenship but make good business sense too.

Our aim is not just to produce a document with our recommendations and leave it for your business to file away. We work with our clients to find solutions, help them install and implement strategic and focused changes and we make sure that they are sustained appropriately for an agreed period of time.

Working across a range of markets, including Business and Commercial Organisations, Development and Planning Companies, Housing Providers as well as with Producers and Manufacturers gives us unravelled skills.

Our methodology follows a life cycle analysis approach, as the impact of our operations in any field must be considered over a period of time and not at any single point. Understanding this will make a significant difference to people's attitude towards sustainability and its implementation.

A few examples of areas we examine include;

  • Renewable energy potential
  • Internal environmental policy
  • Internal environmental policy
  • Heating and hot water
  • Lighting
  • Toilets and water usage
  • Energy tariffs
  • Cleaning procedures


This list demonstrates a few areas of analysis. In reality the team will cover far more in its examination of the business. However, if you prefer we can focus on a particular area of interest to your company.