MPAN Contact No. (Meter Point Administration Number Contact)

If you are trying to obtain your MPAN to enable you to transfer electricity supplier(s) you can do this in number of ways:

MPAN from existing energy bill : If you have an existing electricity bill for your property you should be able to find your MPAN. MPANs are often printed at the bottom of the first page of your bill or on the reverse of the front page.

MPAN from a DNO MPAS Service: You can obtain your MPAN from the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) who is responsible for the distribution network for your area.

If you telephone the Distribution company for your area they will be able to provide you with the 13 digit MPAN core over the telephone.

In most cases this should be enough information to arrange the transfer of your electricity supply, it is also worthwhile asking that they send the information to you - that way you will also receive the full MPAN.

The telephone numbers for each Distribution Company's MPAS service is noted below.

North Scotland

SSE Power Distribution

0800 300 999

South Scotland

SP Power Systems

0845 272 7999

North East England

CE Electric (NEDL)

0845 6013268

North West

United Utilities

0800 195 4141


CE Electric (YEDL)

0845 3300889

East Midlands

Central Networks

0800 056 8090

West Midlands

Central Networks

0800 328 1111

Eastern England

EDF Energy

0800 783 8838

South Wales

Western Power Distribution

0800 052 0400

Southern England

SSE Power Distribution

08457 70 80 90


EDF Energy

0800 028 0247

South East England

EDF Energy

0800 783 8866

South West England

Western Power Distribution

0800 365 900

North Wales, Merseyside and Cheshire

SP Manweb

0845 272 2424