Carbon Management Solutions

With public awareness of carbon emission issues growing day by day, the commercial sector is always the first to show how small changes to its infrastructure or behaviour can make a big difference. This can actively promote the businesses green credentials, plus can in turn raise the company profile and even in some cases generate more business and forge new B2B relationships and partnerships.

Energy consumption produces carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon Offsets strategies can be used to compensate for the emissions produced by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere. Our partnership with Carbon Footprint Ltd, one of the UK's most recognised offsetting companies allows us to offer unparallel services in this area.

Corporate and social responsibility has become an increasingly high profile challenge for many organisations over recent years, as has the raft of acronyms which have accompanied each set of environmental legislation.

Our team of Carbon management specialists can advise you on how to tell your CCAs from your PPAs, or need some advice on whether or not you might be affected by the CRC-EES, Green Energy Consulting would be happy to help you demystify this increasingly demanding area.

Our first task is to undertake a detail site and business survey to identify all there areas in which you are consuming energy, this information can then be collated and compiled into a finding report. This has the added benefit of being produced free of charge to you as a client.

This has many advantages as it not only gives us the information we need to impermanent your carbon offsetting strategy, but gives the you as the client an opportunity to make changes in areas of high emission output.

Carbon Reduction Commitment

The Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC EES) is new legislation targeted at large energy users who are not already part of the EU-ETS or Climate Change Agreements (CCA). It will affect any organisation that consumes more than 6,000 MWh of electricity each year by requiring them to report emissions and purchase carbon allowances as part of a cap and trade scheme.