How To Read Your Electricity Meter

Electricity Digital

To read a single rate digital meter, simply write down the numbers shown from left to right. Make sure to write down any zeros, including any at the start of the reading. Ignore any red figures. To find out how many units you have used since your last reading, subtract the previous reading from the new one.

The meter above will be read as 08436.

Electricity Digital (2-6 Rates)

Some customers will pay different tariffs for their electricity, for example, a day (NORMAL) and night (LOW) rate. For some businesses there can be even more readings.

The top row has been marked 'LOW'. This shows the consumption of electricity used at the off peak time.

The bottom row has been marked 'NORMAL'. This shows the consumption of electricity used at peak time.

To read the meter, please note the numbers from left to right on both rows, ignoring the last number(s) which may be displayed in red.

The meter below will be read as

LOW - 475526

NORMAL - 131684

Any meter that has over 6 readings or a 'STOD' meter (seasonal time of day) should call customer services with the reading rather than submitting it online.

The readings on all these meters are typically viewed by pressing a button moving through the reads cycle. Be sure to submit all the readings when you read this meter.

To find out the number of electricity units you have used, take away the previous top line reading (shown in your last bill) from the new top line reading. Then do the same for all the other lines.

Electricity Digital (Dial)

Dial Meters can vary in appearance. Using the tips in this section, however, reading your meter becomes very easy. Note the dials next to each other go round in opposite directions. Ignore any that are red.

Always write down the number which the pointer has just passed this is not necessarily the nearest number to the pointer. If the pointer is anywhere between, say, 4 and 5, write down 4. If the pointer is directly over the number, like on dial 5 above, write that number down and underline it: 4.

The correct meter reading of the dials shown above is 1 5 6 7 4 units.

However, if one of the underlined numbers in the sequence is followed by a 9, reduce the underlined figure by 1 (as the dial has not passed the number yet).