Partnerships – Become a Green Partner

Receive a regular income by becoming part of Green Energy Consulting Partnership Scheme

Our Partnership Scheme is a way for businesses to introduce our products and services to their clients or members. By introducing Green Energy Consulting to your contacts, you can receive a regular income based on the sales achieved.

Who Can Be a Partner?

Our Partners come from all different sectors and of all sizes. We can work with you, whether you are a single person independent consultancy or a large business association.

Corporate services companies can offer our products to their clients.

Franchisors and commercial landlords/estate agents use us to offer their franchisees or tenants a better deal on their energy. Verbal sales and other sales organisations use us to introduce what is a technically demanding product to their sales calls. Business clubs and trade organisations have Partnered with us so that they can offer energy products to their membership. Business-to-business companies have become Partners to sell additional products alongside their core offering.

Not into sales?

Our Partners often worry that they won't have the time or technical expertise to make full use of the services we offer. We offer a range of relationship levels designed to match your time constraints and help you get the best value from our products.

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