Smart Meters Explained

Join the growing number of businesses that are taking control of their energy usage with a FREE Smart Meter. Through the latest billing technology, Smart Meters make it easy for you to monitor the electricity you are using and when, helping you to highlight ways t o save energy and reduce your costs. An average business can expect to reduce it s consumption by 12.3%.

What is 'smart' about a Smart Meter?

A Smart Meter ta kes automatic readings of your electricity usage The readings are sent on a daily basis, via a mobile communication link You receive an accurat e monthly elect ricity bill, no more estimated bills Your electricity usage data can be viewed online via a Web Analyser Service

Installing a Smart Meter in your business doesn't just mean smarter billing. It gives you better control of your electricity usage and costs, by allowing you to see where and when you're using the most. This valuable data gives y you the ability to make decisions about the amount of energy you use.

How will a Smart Meter benefit your business?

Better business energy management When used in conjunct ion with a Web Analyser Service, a Smart Meter provides you with a detailed breakdown of your energy consumption. Monitor valuable usage data at up to half hour intervals on a daily or monthly basis to identify ways to save energy.

Accurate billing, no more estimated bills

Our Smart Meters send daily readings so you are billed only for the electricity y you actually use. Save additional time by not having to work through estimated bills or inaccurate charges.

Hassle free service, easy to install

Our Smart Meters automatically send readings, so you won't need to bother with manual readings ever again. Installation is straightforward and done with minimal disruption to your business.

Smart Meter Billing - How it works

Automatic meter reads, accurate billing, easy - to monitor usage...

Smart Meters are the future in billing technology .They help customers to save t time. money and effort, and instead focus on running t heir business. Smart Meters are a big improvement on current digital and mechanical meters, they do not need t o be read by a person. The Smart Meter billing process is simple:


Your Smart Meter automatically sends readings for your electricity supply usage. The signal is securely transmitted t o us via a SIM card in the meter, just like a mobile phone.


We use the data sent by your meter t o produce an accurate monthly invoice, no more estimated bills, you only pay for what you use. You receive your invoice during the early part of each month.


View your electricity y usage on a daily/monthly basis via a Web Analyser Service. Use this valuable data to better manage your energy consumption ion, control costs and reduce your carbon foot print.