The Bill Monitor

As contract become increasingly complex, checking and confirming your energy bills can prove a timely and is some cases a confusing process.

This along with the fact that billing mistakes, more so within the non-half hourly metered market, are common place, you could possibly be building up to a expensive headache.

Our team of contract analysis specialists can undertake the bill validations, giving you the peace of mind that you are only paying for the energy contract charges which are correct.

We will analyse bills and will ensure that checks are carried out on the following core areas: Site & meter information, Contract or tariff details, Consumption data Also once your contract is complete, we keep in contact with you and deal with any queries you may have.

As a leading energy services provider, we at Green Energy Consulting can be your first point of contact for any energy management or energy efficiency advice you may require. We will also liaising directly with the supplier to ensure that errors are corrected as quickly as possible.

We have access to a range of other products and services to help reduce your carbon emissions, reduce costs and improve your businesses efficiency.