How To Read Your Gas Meter

Digital Meter

Please note all the numbers from left to right. Please include all preceding zeros, but ignore the number(s) at the end, which may be after a decimal place and/or in red.

The meters above will be read as 03529 and 0843 respectively.

Dial Meter

Dial Meters can vary in appearance. Using the tips in this section, however, reading your meter becomes very easy. Note the dials next to each other go round in opposite directions. Ignore any that are red.

Always write down the number which the pointer has just passed this is not necessarily the nearest number to the pointer. If the pointer is anywhere between, say, 4 and 5, write down 4. If the pointer is directly over the number, like on dial 4 above, write that number down and underline it: 5.

The correct meter reading of the dials shown above is 2 4 3 5 units.

However, if one of the underlined numbers in the sequence is followed by a 9, reduce the underlined figure by 1 (as the dial has not passed the number yet).