Read Your Business Gas Bill

Your company's gas bill explained!

  • 1. Billing address this is the address where your bills are sent to
  • 2. Account Number the account number for the site
  • 3. Invoice number the number of the invoice
  • 4. Date (Tax Point) the date the bill was produced
  • 5. Supplied Address the address of the site that the gas has been supplied to
  • 6. Statement Section this gives you a brief outline of balances brought forward from previous invoices, payments made to the account and any credits on the account.
  • 7. MSN this is the meter serial number that appears on front of your meter
  • 8. MPR this is the Meter Point Reference number and it uniquely identifies the location of the meter point.
  • 9. Period of Use from and To - dates of which the supply period runs from and to
  • 10. Meter Readings refers to the previous and present meter read
  • 11. Meter Unit this identifies whether the meter reads the amount of gas used in cubic meters (M3) or cubic feet (HCUF, OCUF, TCUF)
  • 12. CF this is the correction factor, it is a factor applied to take into account the effect of temperature and pressure on the delivery of gas. It is used, with the calorific value, to convert units to kWh's.
  • 13. Calorific Value along with the correction factor this figure is used to convert the units to kWh's. It is a figure calculated by the transporter and is basically a measure for the heating power and quality of the gas.
  • 14. Energy this is the converted figure from the units to kWh's
  • 15. Price (p/unit) the rate at which the units are charged, pence per kWh
  • 16. Daily Charge this is a fixed charge that includes metering and transportation costs. May also include commission.
  • 18. VAT at 17.5% - VAT charged on the Net total
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