Commercial Electric and Gas Contracts

Commercial electricity or gas contracts are perfectly designed to help you manage your business' energy costs. They also could help reduce the overall cost of your commercial electricity or gas bills. Whatever your consumption levels (up to 1GWh business electricity or 1.5GWh business gas), under our SME profile we offer a range of commercial Energy contracts to suit your needs.

Our solutions suit a range of different business types and give you:

  • Green Energy Consulting are the market leaders offering an unprecedented a service
  • The markets most competitive fixed electricity and gas prices guaranteed for the length of your contract
  • Higher level of control when budgeting and forecasting as you know your unit rate for the duration of your contract
  • Fixed prices and peace of mind in a volatile energy market
  • Discounted rates when you pay by Direct Debit


Electricity Supply Types

Your electricity supply typeis identified by looking at your current Contract. There will be a Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) or supply number shown as in the diagram below.

In the top left-hand box there are to digits if they are 00 then you have a Half-Hourly meter (meaning bespoke pricing will be required0. Any other numbers 03-09 mean you have a non Half-Hourly meter.

The meter supplying your business will depend on your energy consumption, the industry in which your business is in, the equipment it uses, and the site itself. Don't be worried if this seems confussing our trained consultants will help you understand everything about the supply type and any obligations that go with it.

Half-Hourly (HH) electricity supplies

This is compulsory for sites with over 100kW of capacity. These meters Record and transmit the consumption data every half hour.

Non 03-09 electricity supplies

Either using a standard which is read manually, or with AMR (smart meter). which is linked to online energy management services with your supplier.

  • 03 - standard
  • 04 - economy 7 (two rate)
  • 05 - evening and weekend (two rate)
  • 06 - evening, weekend and night (three rate)
  • 07- maximum demand (one rate)
  • 08 - maximum demand (two rate)
  • 09 - seasonal time of day (STOD)


Gas Supply MPRN

The MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) relates only to gas supply. usually found in a box or small print at the bottom of your gas contract.

It can also be referred to as the "supply number" or "M number" and can be found on any of your recent gas bills in a similar format. The format of an MPRN is standard and consists of between 6 and 10 numerical digits only.

Your MPRN should not be confused with your supplier account number or any of the meter serial numbers printed on the meter itself. If however your MPRN is not printed on a recent gas bill or if you have just moved premise and do not yet have a gas bill or an old gas bill, please call National Grid on 0870 608 1524 and they will be able to tell you the MPRN relating to the meter.

Termination Information

We have compiled list of the major business electricity and gas suppliers and there termination periods. Green energy consulting recommends you always get confirmation from your energy suppliers actual termination periods, to avoid any contracts rolling over.

British Gas Business
Tel: 0845 600604
The Retention Team, British Gas Business, Spinneyside, Penman Way, Grove Park, Leicester LE19 1SZ (can also email the account manager named on each bill)
Notice: between 120 to 90 days ahead of contract end date

CNG Business
Tel: 01423 502554
Contract Natural Gas Ltd, CNG House, 5 Victoria Avenue, Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG1 1EQ

Corona Tel: 08442 646464 Fax: 0870 2429665
Corona Energy, Edward Hyde Building, 38 Clarendon Road, Watford WD17 1JW
Notice: at least 60 days ahead of contract end date

EDF Business Energy
Tel: 0800 096 2255
EDF Energy, Southdown View Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN14 8NL
Notice: at least 28 days ahead of contract end date

Eon Business
Tel: 0800 068 6516 Fax: 0115 877 7514
Eon Contract Terminations, PO Box 9042, Sherwood Park, Annesley, Nottingham NG15 5AZ or
Notice: 21 day window anywhere from 120 days ahead of the contract end date

Haven Power
Tel: 01473 725943
Haven Power, The Havens, Ransomes Europark, Ipswich IP3 9SJ
Notice: at least 120 days ahead of contract end date

Npower Business
Tel: 0845 166 3360
Npower Business, Contract Terminations, Bridge House, 200 Clough Road, Hull HU5 1SN
Notice: at least 90 days ahead of contract end date

Tel: 0845 3302655
Opus Energy Limited, Royal Pavilion, 2 Summerhouse Road, Northampton NN3 6BJ
Notice: at least 90 days ahead of contract end date

Shell Gas
Tel: 0207 257 0100
Shell, 1-3 The Strand, London WC2N 5EJ
Notice: at least 30 days ahead of contract end date

Scottish Power Business
Tel: 0845 2700 700
Scottish Power, SME Contracts Manager, Section 12, Cathcart Business Park, Glasgow G44 4BE
Notice: between 90 and 45 days ahead of contract end date (for electricity) or 28 days (for gas)

Scottish & Southern
Tel: 01256 304278
Energy Sales Dep, Scottish & Southern, Centenary House, 10 Winchester Road, Basingstoke RG21 8UQ
Notice: at least one calendar month ahead of contract end date