Green Energy Consulting is able to use its strong supplier relationships to offer our large corporate and multi site clients bespoke energy management and an end-to-end service. This means being able to tailor large multiple meter, single end date contract terms and focused overall energy management solutions.

Our consultant teams will work closely alongside your business to evaluate its needs and requirement, helping lower overall tariff rates, give advice on more structured longer term contracts and move your energy to renewable sources.

By working with GEC we understand the dynamics of operating within the energy market, we are completely independent and add value to our clients from SME to Corporate level.

We are in regular contact with our clients in order to secure a contract that brings a genuine market advantage and gives an opportunity to agree a purchasing strategy by looking through a range of contract options.

Multiple Meter, Single End Date Contract Terms

Our consultant team can firstly look into the current energy procurement and management infrastructure that your business has in place, evaluate it and give an overview of what changes could be implemented. This gives you the opportunity to look at the possible saving and streamlining effects of multiple meter, single end date contracts.

Green Credential Enhancement

With public awareness of green issues growing day by day, the commercial sector is always the first to show how small changes to its infrastructure can make a big difference. Not only will your business make financial savings, but it can actively promote its green credentials. This can in turn raise the company profile and even in some cases generate more business and forge new B2B relationships and partnerships.