Buying Green Energy

Green Energy Consulting is committed to helping your business secure a supply contract which includes electricity generated from renewable resources.

How could your business benefit?

Buying green energy can help you to:

  • Show your commitment to the environment and enhance your brand image
  • Build relationships with customers who share the same values as you


Electricity generation produces around 30% of the UK's CO2 emissions and more green energy is seen as key to reducing the climate change impact of this sector.

Businesses looking to demonstrate their contribution to action against climate change through the purchase of green power can find the process a maze.

We help you to navigate through the network of green options and ensure that you are achieving just what you need to meet your businesses corporate responsibility targets.

How could your business benefit?

  • Carbon Free
  • Low Carbon
  • Carbon Offset


How could your business benefit?

Carbon free energy relates to electricity that has been generated without producing any emissions whatsoever.

Technologies would include the traditional renewable forms of generation such as wind, wave & tidal, solar and small scale hydro.

Low Carbon

Low carbon energy relates to electricity that falls outside of the traditional renewable sources, but that has been generated with lower emissions than the standard output of brown energy sources.

Technologies would include Good Quality CHP, biomass, large scale hydro and, perhaps controversially, nuclear.

Power generated from these sources would be likely to be broadly cost neutral against standard brown energy.

Good Quality CHP and biomass sourced power will incur exemption from CCL, however, power from either large scale hydro or nuclear sources will incur CCL at full cost.