Partnerships // Relationship Levels

Relationship Levels

We offer a range of relationship levels designed to match your needs as well as the needs of your clients. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to generate a revenue stream from our products and services.

Lead Generator

As a Lead Generator, we'll offer you a full sales service. It's the perfect partnership level for people with no experience in energy services. It's also great for people who don't have the time to introduce our products to their members or clients.

Once you have introduced us to the client, We'll manage the sale from end-to-end, from making the initial contact to implementing all of the products chosen by your client. You can offer the full Green Energy Consulting product range to your clients or members. If you're worried about keeping track of the sales, don't be you will have a dedicated Partnership manager who will keep on to of it and you up to date. When a service completes, we'll pay you a s per the relative lead fee.


As a Referrer, you'll have already introduced the idea of using Green Energy Consulting services to your clients. The next step is to submit your clients' data to us, this includes details like their LOA and utility bill, so that we can produce an the relative energy rates and terms for them.

Once that's done, we'll take over. We'll contact your clients and discuss product details, agree and finalise the contracts.

As a Referrer, you can choose which Green Energy Consulting products we offer your clients or members, and we'll pay you as per the agreed referral fee structure.


As a Partner, we'll give you tools and information on our products and services information you need so you can sell it to your client.

You'll introduce Green Energy Consulting and obtain the core details we need to offer energy rates and contract terms. Once you've shared that information with us, we'll then given you just like we would our clients a structured break down of the best solution for the client. Finally, you'll secure the contracts.

You can pick which Green Energy Consulting products and services are offered to your clients or members. You'll receive a percentage of the utility redemption value.


As a Sub-Broker, you'll be very experienced in consulting in energy and know the sector inside out.

We'll offer you access to a secure personalised online platform where you can upload client details, manage clients, generate contract terms and rates. You can also manage your sales pipeline and objections via this. We'll pay you a percentage of the contract term redemption we receive.